How to know he wants hookup or a relationship?

Have you ever in this dilemma when you are with a guy, but you don’t know what his intentions are with you. Whether he is really into you or he is just attracted to you. Or to put it another way, whether he just want to tinder hookup with you or to have a real relationship with you. We don’t usually talk about this when firstly meeting someone. It’s an awkward topic to bring up at the beginning of a seemingly relationship. Therefore, today, I am going to introduce to you some tips on how to figure out his intentions. Let’s go!

How he talks to you. Or to say, what do you usually talk about? When a guy really wants to establish a relationship with a girl, he would want to know more about you, including your life, your family, the thing you are doing, your personality and so many other things instead of just saying how pretty and sexy you are. So if you find you are talking about some more meaningful subject, then he might be really into having a relationship with you, but if he mainly talks to you with a lot of compliment, then there are bigger chance that he is only physically attracted to you.

When does he usually text you and ask you to hang out? There’s a stereotype called late night text. If a guy only text you in the middle of the night and ask you to go out with them in the middle of the night, then he is definitely only into have one night stand with you. It’s understandable that everyone has a stage in their life where they just want to hookup with someone instead of having a committed relationship. If a guy is really into you, he would text you more consistently other than randomly or only in the late night when he feels lonely and need someone to talk to.

Is he making any effort to know more about you or is he curious about you as a person not as a sexual object? This is another obvious sign to tell if a guy is really into you or not. Just like us girls, if we like someone, we would want to know more about them, including their past, good and bad things about them. We would even google them and spy on their social media. Guys are the same. If you find they are really making an effort to know more about you, like they are asking your friends about you or they remember things or food you like, or places you went to, anything that indicates they are getting to know you, then he is a serious one, not a hook up dating type.