Medial arts about transgender people in 2019

A new movie called Girl was praised by critics. However, it was lambasted by some transgender advocates as it doesn’t fit the actual situation of transgender people’s life. In order to have a fair evaluation on the film, I read some part of this film several days ago. I don’t think it doesn’t fit the reality of transgender situation, on the contrary, all transgender people can identity with it. I cannot understand that some transgender advocates say that transgender people should avoid films and TV show about transgender people, cisgender people also shouldn’t watch films about transgender people. In fact, these films and trailers never refer to anything gruesome about transgender people. Many people have misunderstanding on film about transgender people.

Of course, not all transgender dating films are worth watching. I’m interested in films with transgender theme, but would choose the film with caution, because I want to avoid the bad part of the film and don’t want to be mislead by the bad parts. The film girl was released last autumn, and it gathered praise from different fields. There is no bad comments on this film, I have to admit that this is the best film about transgender people I’ve ever seen. This film was welcomed by more than nine million people, some of them are transgender, while others are cisgender people.

A bad news from the United Kingdom, Julia Grant, a famous transgender activist who often share her transgender story on television has died at the age of 64. A Change of Sex is a documentary based on the life of Grant. It is a four-part BBC series which main introduced Grant’s transition from man to woman. According to the newest report from BBC, Grant died from a short illness. She suffered form cancer many years ago, but fortunately, she survived at last. After that, she suffered from many health problems. Grant’s friends told the publication that Grant tried her best to help ts dating community, she worked tirelessly to help transgender people build bridges to communicate with the outside world. She inspired many transgender people by sharing her own stories wit them. She devoted all her life to her community.

Besides the documentary, Grant also wrote two books about her life as a transgender woman. She shared her transition advice with other people who were considering gender transition surgery, and provided other transgender people with some tips and advice on how to live as a transgender person. In fact, there are a lot of famous transgender people work for transgender community. The same as Grant, they share their transition stories and life experience with their fellows, they speak for transgender community and fight for transgender rights. Transgender people is a vulnerable community, everyone in transgender community should be united and fight for equal rights. The good news is that there are more and more cisgender people can really accept transgender people. Many transgender advocates also speak for transgender community. I think everything about transgender people will be better and better in the future.