The first step to get a girl to like you: Improve visual value

There is a sentence describing the appreciation of a girl feel towards a guy, “attracted by appearance, fallen for talent and loyal for characters”. This is indeed true for romantic relationships as it is true for tinder hookup.

I know there are friends out there who, when they hear the word “appearance”, they just want to close this page directly. Don’t worry, there’s more to appearance than itself. In fact, appearance, talent and character mentioned by girls correspond to three types of values for men: visual, behavioral and social.

The first category is visual value
Generally speaking, visual value is to give people the most intuitive feeling. It can be divided into two aspects: online and offline. Online value can be intuitively reflected through your profile picture on best free dating apps or social media. Offline value is more about how girls feel about you when they see you face to face.

Different girls like guys with different physical features, but to get her to like you, you have to get her to like the feeling of “how I feel when I’m with you. It is said that girls are appearance creature, but they can’t be more severe of appearance creatures than us boys. The world can be a lot more merciful to “less attractive” boys than to their counterparts – girls.

The reason we have this illusion that girls are appearance creatures is that boys don’t tend to look good. You need to know, you don’t need to be super handsome to be liked by girls. All you need to dress neat, smell good and have a nice hairstyle. That’s all to get a girls appreciation. Honestly, there are so many good-looking girls out there right now, I’m not sure you’ll like her after she takes off her makeup;

A normal boy, with a nice haircut, will suddenly feel more energetic. Therefore, by changing clothes and hairstyles, or creating a circle of friends and other methods to enhance the visual value, is a relatively quick way for boys to get a girl’s appreciation and even a tinder for hookups.

So this is the first tip for boys to attract girls. This is the start for your transition if you are thinking about getting a one night stand or a serious romantic relationship. Remember, even though we hate to think appearance is of some importance, but let’s face it. It is. We do not need to succumb to the public aesthetic conceptions, but looking neat and vibrant couldn’t hurt. It’s the least we can do and it should be taken for granted for gentlemen. So start working on yourself and see what you can do to make some improvements.