Things You Need to Know When Dating a Transgender Woman

Are you dating a transgender woman? If you are or if you want to, here are a few things you need to know before date them.

First, do not refer to transgender women to trannies. This is a very offensive word that is used in the LGBTQ community. Sometimes they may use it jokingly, but if you are not in the community and you used it, it would be very rude and disrespectful, especially in a civilized conversation.

Please treat her with respect like you would give any cisgender girl. Remember that transgender women are human first, women second, transgender third. Do not put much focus on transgender, but to women. Always remember they are women. They want to be treated as women. Sometimes, men are too eager to express their openness to transgender women. They treat them with extra attention and sweet. Too much is worse than never. Just treats them normally like you would do to a regular girl. Nothing more and nothing less. Do not ever question their femininity. Usually transgender women can be much more feminine than most biological women.

Do not ask rude questions. Many men ask questions related to their transgender identity during the ts dating, just to make them reveal themselves so that they can ask more silly questions, like what is your interest in bed? What is it likes to be a woman? It is very frustrating, humiliating and degrading. All transgender people should be treated with respect and they deserve it after went through the bitterness of their whole transition. If you are just curious about their body or history, maybe you should educate yourself and leave her alone.

Ask something besides her body and transition. You can ask about her family if she opens to it. For many transgender people, not all of them have a supportive family. But all of them want to create a loving family and usually they are very willing to talk about it with other people. In this case, you can offer her advice on it and get to know her more without being disrespected and rude. These kinds of topics can bring you close to each other. It is like a short-cut to win her over.

Do not ask about their surgeries unless they are ready to talk. Transsexual surgery is a very painful and long-lasting process, both mentally and physically. It takes a lot to decide to go through it and it also takes a lot to heal. It is very rude to ask a transgender woman who their male parts disappear and change to female, or how they had their boobs are done. And no one want to talk such thing in a trans dating.

Ask about things that may make her happy, such as her hobbies. Nothing can go wrong with asking someone’s hobbies. This is a comfortable and non-gender-related topic. She would be very relaxed to talk about it. Do not ask her past as a man. For most transgender women, their past of being a man is a miserable period which they prefer not to mention. If you do not respect that and try to go towards the opposite direction, there is a huge possibility that you may lose her.